Barcode Ribbons

In thermal transfer printing, the printer, ribbon and label must work together as a printing team. The technology is simple.  It works by the printer basically “melting” ink from the thermal transfer ribbon onto the label.  Thermal transfer printing is reliable and low maintenance, and can be applied in a wide range of on-demand printing applications.

In order to achieve clean, crisp images on thermal transfer labels, the label and ribbon must be correctly matched.  We sell over a dozen different formulas of thermal transfer ribbon.  Not all ribbons will print on all types of labels.  Additionally, the printer itself can factor into the ribbon recommendation.

Generally, wax or wax / resin blended ribbons are recommended for paper labels.  Wax / resin blend or pure resin ribbons are recommended for synthetic label material.  If you would like help determining the best type of ribbon, our research department can help match your specific label material with the best ribbon.   Otherwise, we are happy to send free samples of different ribbons to you for testing in your facility.

Contact us today to discuss your labeling requirements.  The following link describes common thermal printing problems and how they can be corrected.

ARMOR – IIMAK merger announced October 4, 2021.  RVB Systems Group now provides thermal ribbons from both of these manufacturers.  Contact us today to discuss your thermal transfer ribbon requirements.

ARMOR brand thermal transfer ribbons

Inkanto is ARMOR’s Thermal Transfer ribbon brand. Inkanto encompasses 17 products to meet the needs and applications of all its customers.   In 2009 ARMOR launched SolFree®, the first coating process able to manufacture Thermal Transfer ribbons without using any solvents. This patented production process developed by ARMOR is a tangible example of responsible innovation.

IIMAK brand thermal transfer ribbons

Iimak is a worldwide company and has 2 manufacturing facilities in the USA; one in New York and the other in California. IIMAK thermal transfer ribbons are the only ribbons to feature Clean Start®, the patented printhead cleaner built in the ribbon.

Clean Start® Ribbons Save You Time and Money

It’s true. CleanStart® is an exclusive printhead cleaner that is built right into your thermal transfer ribbon and is available at no extra cost. Exclusive to IIMAK, Clean Start® is an innovative printhead cleaner that’s built right into the beginning of the ribbon. Simply pull Clean Start® through the locked printhead at the start of a new ribbon. Doing so removes debris before it builds up on the printhead, assuring printed images, text, and barcodes are crisp and clear. All it takes is just 6 seconds and you’ll be on your way to longer printhead life, more readable scans and peak image quality. What does this mean to you? IIMAK thermal transfer ribbons with CleanStart® creates BIG savings in your bottom line

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