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RVB Systems Group is an authorized reseller for Seagull Scientific’s Bartender labeling software.  We have over 20 years experience both using and selling Bartender.   We specialize in helping companies integrate Bartender into their manufacturing process.  Bartender is widely recognized as the world’s leading barcode labeling software.  It allows you to design and print any label, from just a simple barcode to complex labels contains hundreds of fields.  Bartender can be integrated with any existing database, including Excel, Access, SQL Server, SAP, Oracle, MySQL and DB2.

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The latest version of BarTender has significant improvements to how you create, automate and manage your labeling and marking solution. The following long-requested features have been added:

  • The improved BarTender® Designer introduces grids, tables, easy text wrapping, and the ability to use multiple database records in a single document, enabling you to leverage BarTender for packing slips, invoices, pallet labels, and more.
  • Intelligent Forms™ enable the creation of complex print-time processes and automation.
  • The new Data Builder provides a built-in database that makes it easy for you to create and manage data securely within BarTender, reducing the need to use external databases.  If you do use external data, you can now leverage improved connectors, write data back to most SQL-based databases, import data from an XML file, and use Azure-hosted databases.
  • The new Process Builder enables you to easily automate many of your manual processes without extensive programming.
  • Improved database connectors make it easier than ever to use data from existing business systems and formats such as XML, Azure SQL Database, and all versions of Microsoft Excel and Access.

Bartender is available in 3 different editions.  Contact us today to discuss how RVB Systems Group can help you improve your labeling process.

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